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Salient Features

Unique program which integrates both Core Management areas as well as carefully selected elective courses, which are need of time and sought by all sorts of Industries (Corporate sector, Banking and Insurance, Media, Service sector, Non-Profit or social sector, health care, real estate, tourism and hospitality, etc). The course structure is relevant to every level of business. From the multinational firm to a family business or a small scale business.

Due to fast, frequent and rapid changes in the macro economic, technological, political, social, ecological environments, Conventional courses are not sufficient. In this new industrial scenario where "global competition" and "Hyper competition" are buzz words. It is very difficult to manage and sustain the competencies. It demands a new breed of enlightened managers who can cope up with these changes without any resistance and friction, both outwardly and inwardly, this new breed of enlightened managers required.

  1. High degree of
  2. IQ (Intelligence Quotient)
  3. EQ (Emotional Quotient)
  4. SQ (Spiritual Quotient)


QUANTUM'S MBA Course Structure has been designed keeping in mind this changing scenario. All core papers and electives, together work on student's 'IQ', 'EQ', 'SQ' and strengthen them. Which helps in evolution of an enlightened manager, who is multidimensional, who is capable of using his both 'left' and 'right' i.e. Intellect, wisdom and intuition. Only such an enlightened manager can demonstrate 'Professional Excellence' by his decisions and actions in today's world.

  • Pedagogy with a practical exposure includes project work, workshops, case studies. Role-Plays & seminars, Quizzes, Group Discussions, Personal Interaction, Industrial Tours etc.
  • Regular Industry Interface through Guest Lectures and Seminars.
  • Course Curriculum designed and periodically restructured to suit the industry requirements.
  • Value added courses on communication & Personality Development Program.
  • Active Placement cell providing PLACEMENT ASSISTANCE FOR FINAL PLACEMENT & Summer Training.
  • Other Development Activities- Literary, Cultural, Sports & Socially relevant events.
  • The Program is aimed to enable the students to develop a 'Global perspective' and integrate the same with India.
  • The Program facilitates students to lay greater emphasis on anticipating and predicting the future through honing skills of intuition and gut feeling, besides sound data analysis, For developing this skill and strengthening 'SQ'- Regular 'Meditation' and ' Yoga classes in the morning, are held.
  • The MBA program trains students to be result oriented by being good on both 'Strategy formulation' as well as its 'Successful Implementation'.
  • The program develops "people skills", Leadership qualities and team orientation.