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B.Sc. (Agriculture / Forestry)

BSc Agriculture College in Dehradun,Roorkee opens doors for mechanized farming for agri-entrepreneurs. The demand for trained professionals in this field is huge. Agricultural giants such as ITC, Monsanto and Cargill, are on the look out for young executives. Since agriculture is a priority area in achieving financial inclusion, many insurance companies and banks also recruit agriculture graduates in large numbers. Quantum is ranked the top Agriculture college in Roorkee, Dehradun, Uttarakhand.

Be the face of modern, young India...


Students are trained to improve agricultural productivity and pave way for future development.

Modern Techniques

Students are exposed to use modern scientific equipment and techniques in agriculture.


Students are trained in interpersonal skills to become a valued member in the field of agriculture

Highlights of the Quantum Agri Program

Provides the students with all theoretical, analytical and practical inputs in the field of Agriculture.

Provides the students with all resources for better understanding the concepts to produce technorats towards challenges in Agriculture.

Provides training programs in Instructional Farms, Organic Manuring, Marketing Business etc., givig live experiences of what they are learning.

Provides value based and career oriented certificate programs, treasured much in the Agriculture field to turn a candidate into an independent consultant, an entrepreneur in their own field.

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