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Admissions 2017

Faculty Engineering

At Quantum, we are proud to have faculty members who are well acclaimed and well read. With a line up of excellent teachers and guides we have ensured that our students receive knowledge from a source that we trust. They have the right blend of enthusiasm and attitude towards imparting good quality education to the generation next and that is what makes Quantum an Educational Institute to be in.

Our teaching methodology is based on personal attention as and when the student feels the need he/she is free to approach their teachers. We understand that students today need not only bookish knowledge but also values that form an integral part of our culture.

Please browse our faculty details according to their departments.

Computer Science & Information Technology
Agam GoyalAssistant ProfessorM.Tech
Ajay Veer Singh KushwahaAssistant ProfessorM.Tech
Amit GuptaLecturerM.Tech*
Anchit BijalwanAssistant ProfessorPh.D. *
Ankur GandhiAssistant ProfessorM.Tech
Ankur RanaLecturerM.Tech*
Annu JainAssistant ProfessorB.Tech
Anurag AgarwalLecturerM.Tech*
Deepak PainuliAssistant ProfessorM.Tech*
Divya SahgalAssistant ProfessorM.Tech
G. AyushAssistant ProfessorM.Tech
Javed ImranAssistant ProfessorM.Tech
Kamal Kant VermaAssistant ProfessorM.Tech
M. IkramAssistant ProfessorMCA
Manjari VatsaAssistant ProfessorM.Tech
Mayur SrivastavaLecturerM.Tech*
Mohita JagotaAssistant ProfessorM.Tech
N.S. ChettySr. Assistant ProfessorM.Tech
Neeraj JainSr. LecturerM.Tech
Prince AroraLecturerB.Tech
Raina RawalLecturerM.Tech*
Richa BatraLecturerMCA
Rishi Kumar SharmaSr. Assistant ProfessorM.S. (England)
Ritul VasisthaLecturerM.Tech*
Ruchika MongaSr. Assistant ProfessorM.Tech
Sameer JainAssistant ProfessorM.Tech
Satender KumarSr. Assistant ProfessorPh.D. *
Sauyma AgarwalSr. Assistant ProfessorM.Tech
Shikha AgarwalLecturerB.Tech
Shishir SangalSr. Assistant ProfessorPh.D. *
Shruti GuptaAssistant ProfessorM.Tech
Sourabh JainAssistant ProfessorM.Tech
Vidhu AroraLecturerMCA
Vishal VigAssistant ProfessorM.Tech
A.N. VermaSr. Assistant ProfessorM.Tech
Amit GoyalAssistant ProfessorB.Tech.
Annima PanwarLecturerM.Tech*
Harshwardhan SharmaLecturerM.Tech*
M. KannanSr. Assistant ProfessorM.Tech
M.K.S. SengerLecturerM.Tech*
Rakesh Kumar SoniAssistant ProfessorM.Tech
Raunak GuptaLecturerB.Tech.
Ravi Kumar GoelAssistant ProfessorM.Tech
Saurabh KhotiyanLecturerB.Tech
Shakti Singh GautamAssistant ProfessorM.Tech
Shwetanshu GauravLecturerB.Tech
Somnath BhattacharyaSr. Assistant ProfessorPh.D
Sunil KumarLecturerM.Tech
Varun Kumar TyagiLecturerM.Tech*
Vijay BhattLecturerB.Tech.
Vijay SainiSr. Assistant ProfessorPh.D *
Vikas UchariaProfessorPh.D*
Vikram SabarwalSr. LecturerB.Tech.
Yatendra GuptaLecturerB.Tech.
Electronics & Communication
Akshay KumarAssistant ProfessorM.Tech*
Anees AhmedAssistant ProfessorM.Tech
Ankit MishraLecturerM.Tech
Arun Kumar AryaAssistant ProfessorM.Tech*
Amit DixitProfessorM.TechPh.d
Chhavi ChaudharyLecturerM.Tech*
Deepak Kumar SainiAssistant ProfessorM.Tech
Etika TyagiAssistant ProfessorM.Tech
Gaurav Krishna SharmaAssistant ProfessorM.Tech
Gaurav SainiAssistant ProfessorM.Tech
Geetika JainLecturerM.Tech*
Guru PrabhatSr. Assistant ProfessorPh.D *
M.S. GuptaProfessorB.Tech
Namrata BanaLecturerB.Tech
Rohit PandeyLecturerB.Tech
Shobhi JainAssistant ProfessorM.Tech
Siddarth DuttaLecturerM.Tech
Swati TyagiLecturerM.Tech*
Tiksha MadanLecturerM.Tech*
V.K. TandonProfessorPh.D
Vartika TyagiAssistant ProfessorM.Tech
Vipul SinghalAssistant ProfessorM.Tech
Vivek GirotiLecturerB.Tech
Civil Engineering
Abhay Kumar JainAssistant ProfessorM.E.
M.K. MittalSr. Assistant ProfessorM.Tech.
M.S. GhummanProfessorPh.D.
S.C. HandaProfessorPh.D (Canada)
Sarvendra KumarSr. Assistant ProfessorM.E.
Applied Sciences & Humanities
A.K. SethAssistant ProfessorPh.D
Abhishek RaiLecturerM.A.
Alok GahlotAssistant ProfessorPh.D
Anuj Kr. SharmaAssistant ProfessorPh.D
Carmen SinghLecturerM.A.
D.N. ChoudharyAssistant ProfessorM.Sc.
Harish KumarAssistant ProfessorPh.D*
Indu MalikAssistant ProfessorPh.D
Lalit KumarAssistant ProfessorPh.D*
Mandeep SinghLecturerPh.D*
Minakshi BalaProfessorPh.D
Misha BhatiaLecturerM.A.
Neeta SharmaAssistant ProfessorPh.D*
R.C. PandeyProfessorPh.D
Robin SinghAssistant ProfessorPh.D *
Sachin KumarAssistant ProfessorPh.D*
Shalini AroraLecturerM.A.
Shikha SahniAssistant ProfessorM.A., M.B.A.*
Shikha SinghAssistant ProfessorPh.D *
Shivani KashyapLecturerM.A.
Shobha JainProfessorPh.D
Sonam SethiLecturerM.Sc.
Sonia SirohiLecturerM.Phil
Subodh K. PundirProfessorM.A.
Sundeep Singh SangaAssistant ProfessorM.Sc.
Vinay DevraniLecturerM.B.A.