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National Conference on Demonetization-Issues and Perspectives held at Quantum Global Campus


Quantum Global Campus, organized a one day National Conference  on 25th March’2017  to shed light on the impacts and repercussions of demonetization on Indian economy. The conference was organized under the aegis of Quantum School of Business where Sh. Rakesh Sharma (IAS), Ex-Chief Secretary of Uttarakhand presided over as the Chief Guest and other dignitaries including Sh.Harendra Kumar Garg-Chairman, SIDCUL Manufacturers Association and Prof. (Dr.) Manoj Bhatt, Associate Professor and Head in Charge School of Social Sciences, Doon University,Dehradun  graced the occasion. The conference commenced after the lamp lightning ceremony  in the presence of Sh. Ajay Goyal, Chairman, Sh. Shobhit Goyal, Secretary, Dr.S.C Handa, Girector General, Dr. Gulshan Chauhan Director, Quantum School of Technology among others.


Prof. Rohit Kushwaha, Director, Quantum School of Business commenced the parley by throwing light on the entire episode of Demonetization which our Govt. undertook last year. Magnitude of impacts were thrown light upon including the repercussions on the financial sector whose utmost positive influence has led to the path of digital ladder. This is the  ripe time when all positives and fallout ought to be discussed on broad parameters so that a vivid confluence could be shaped out of the Government’s decision.

Sh.Rakesh Sharma, Chief Guest of the symposium told the audience that he spent last three  months in a small town and what he found was that the mob was more than happy with this hit of demonetization. The right step has been taken by the government to curb the menace of black money, counterfeit currency and corruption. But yes the fallouts sustains such as the lack of awareness among the people and the robust infrastructure to cater the needs of the largesse. Therefore, its very essential to give a strong foothold to the infrastructure of digital economy in least time possible.

Sh. Manoj Bhatt, the Keynote Speaker of the conference opined about the various facets of demonetization where he largely gave due importance on how to strengthen the infrastructure so that the problems of people could be minimized and maximum potential of the decisive step could be attained. He mentioned that without a strong foundation of infrastructure the bold initiative can’t succeed in India.

Gaurangi Mathur, student of Quantum School of Business presented her research paper in which she emphasized on “Impacts of Demonetization on Agricultural & Rural Economy”. She drew focus of the audience on very important bullets and received appreciation from one and all.

In the second half of the conference, the scholars represented their research papers. Every scholar mentioned that demonetisation was aptly a strong decision which has scripted history but in order to make it successful its essentially important to build a strong infrastructure including the digital sector. Dr. V.K Singh presided over this session.  More than 50 research papers which came from various universities were screened by the panel of learned dignitaries,  after which they were sought out to be published. Scholars who came from various corners of the country presented their research papers.


Discussion was carried out in order to take the parley further on demonetization which was convened by Sh. Pankaj Madan. In this discussion , Sh. A.K Mishra. AGM SBI , Sh. Vishal Kumar and Sh. Abhishek Raja presided over as the panelists. Every participant including the scholars and students of Quantum School of Business opined their voice with very strong arguments in favor of a robust structure to make this mission a successful one. This would certainly give rise to an inclusive structure where every citizen would get the chance to contribute to Indian economy.

At the end of the conference, Sh. Rohit Kushwaha, Director, Quantum  School of Business expressed vote of thanks to all the guests for their auspicious presence. And the symposium culminated with the Kulgeet of the institution.


Student speaks

  • "It was an overwhelming experience, I still miss the moments I spent at Quantum. I wanna study once more in quantum."

    Gursimran Singh
    Design Engineer
    NICT Chandigarh
  • "My experience cannot be described in two lines. It will be covered at least in a book. It was so life changing, both personally and professionally."

    Nimit Kumar
    Lieutenant, Indian Army
  • "Nice experience, awesome learning and well maintained discipline."

    Prakash C Joshi
    Programmer Analyst
    Cognizant Technology Solutions
  • "Being at Quantum was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I learnt a lot of new things to grow my career."

    Partyush Goyal
    Esperto Technologies
  • "Quantum has not only given me education but also helped me to build my personality which help me to shape my career."

    Ankur Kumar Sharowha
    Analyst & Troubleshooter
    Casagrande India
  • "Well, what I learnt at Quantum is hard work & knowledge never go waste, you can achieve your goals easily if you have determination and confidence."

    Silky Goel
    MTech (IIIT Bhubaneswar)
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