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Quantum School of Business has organized a workshop on business simulation on 5-10-2016 for MBA students. Mr. Rahul Jain, founder of Bizwiz learning was the speaker of the workshop, who discussed on different aspects of business plans that included marketing, sales operations, HR and finance and the role of decision making in the above mentioned areas. The objective of the workshop was to expose the students to challenges in the business world.


 The workshop gave the opportunity to the students to take decisions regarding different aspects of business. Students had worked on the s business simulation software and made their independent business under the guidance of Mr. Rahul Jain. This software highlighted the four pillars i.e. people, marketing, finance and operations. People focused on employee related issues like salary, training and recruitment; marketing focused on sales and promotional activities; finance focused on book-keeping and financial statements of the company and operations focused on product designs of business organization. This activity helped the students to identify the different areas where they can learn and improve their decision making. This workshop has given an opportunity to the students and the faculties to learn new techniques for their specialized areas in business management.


There were thirteen teams who participated in the game. Each team consists of four students and one faculty in-charge. The wining team was of Amit Kumar, Akanksha, Vishal and Arun and the team in-charge was Mr. Rajeev.

Winners have shared their experience that, they have learnt that before bringing the product to the market, research should be done by the company because through marketing they get the feedback of the product through which they can make their reach.


Mr. Rahul Jain, the speaker of the workshop said that, through these types of activities students learn about how to start the new business? They will learn about how to face the different challenges in business world.


At this moment Dr. Rohit Kushwaha, Director of Quantum School of Business, gave thanks to the speaker, Mr. Rahul Jain and emphasized on the importance of this activity in management education. He also assured to provide more similar workshops to give real world exposure to the students of management so that they can improve their decision making and understanding regarding the business world. 

Student speaks

  • "It was an overwhelming experience, I still miss the moments I spent at Quantum. I wanna study once more in quantum."

    Gursimran Singh
    Design Engineer
    NICT Chandigarh
  • "My experience cannot be described in two lines. It will be covered at least in a book. It was so life changing, both personally and professionally."

    Nimit Kumar
    Lieutenant, Indian Army
  • "Nice experience, awesome learning and well maintained discipline."

    Prakash C Joshi
    Programmer Analyst
    Cognizant Technology Solutions
  • "Being at Quantum was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I learnt a lot of new things to grow my career."

    Partyush Goyal
    Esperto Technologies
  • "Quantum has not only given me education but also helped me to build my personality which help me to shape my career."

    Ankur Kumar Sharowha
    Analyst & Troubleshooter
    Casagrande India
  • "Well, what I learnt at Quantum is hard work & knowledge never go waste, you can achieve your goals easily if you have determination and confidence."

    Silky Goel
    MTech (IIIT Bhubaneswar)
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