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Celebration of Sportsfest Udaan-2015 at Quantum Global Campus


Dharohar is the Annual Festival of Quantum Global Campus, Roorkee; an amalgamation of Sports, Talent, Art, Culture, Workshops, Project Expo, War of Bands and Special Events all packed over three days from 25th March, 27th March & 28th March, 2015.

Mega fest “Dharohar” commenced with sports fest entitled “Udaan”, which is a Q-Mates fest, known as a symbol of Passion, Physical Fitness, Learning, Prosperity and Exposition of Skills, organized by students and college officials. Keeping in view the foremost requirement of a healthy body and a productive mind, Quantum Campus organized a one- day Sports Fest for all the students from various courses including B.Tech & M.B.A at its own lush green playgrounds around the college- premises.

The Sports Fest will witness many challenging Sports Activities like Basketball, Volley ball, Lawn Tennis, Tug of War, Football and some interesting Indoor games like Carom Board, Table Tennis, and Badminton etc.

The fest was inaugurated in the benign presence of Chief Guest, Shri Vinod Chamoli Ji, Mayor Dehradun, The Board of the Management of the Campus, The Secretary, Er. Shobhit Goyal, Dignitaries and College Officials by lighting the lamp accompanied with “Saraswati Vandana”.

The Director General of the Campus, Dr. S.C Handa, Director of Technology, Dr Gulshan Chauhan, Director of Business School, Dr. Rohit Kushwaha and other Dignitaries felicitated the Chief Guest & other Dignitaries and offered Mementos & Bouquets with a note of appreciation.

The Chief Guest, Shri Chamoli Ji, expressed joy on Students’ team spirit and unmatched arrangements of sports equipments and health drinks. He was happy to witness that the college is providing both academic as well as extracurricular activities to the students. He expressed that sports and games help to develop character.


Speaking on the occasion, He also appreciated the work of the management which provided a spacious play ground and all the necessary facilities to students for all the games & sports. He said “A child starts playing right from the cradle itself and that should be continued systematically afterwards also”. He had observed that usually students are burdened with homework which stops them from whole heartedly pursuing sports”.

The sheer exuberance and verve being displayed by the candidates in tackling these sporting events has filled the spectators’ hearts with elation. Whether it is Basketball or Table Tennis, Carom Board or Volley Ball, the participants are going all out in a friendly, yet fierce competition, both as teams and as individuals.


The Director General of the campus, Dr. S.C Handa has stated that Quantum prides itself on the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual development of its students. We strive to impart knowledge that encompasses the prescribed syllabi of the institution as well as that of the world that lies beyond the classroom.

The Director of Quantum School of Technology, Dr. Gulshan Chauhan said “It has been our aim to provide the right environment for young minds to take wing. We shape them for a globalized future, where changes take place every second and decisions have to be taken on the spot. We prepare them for situations that call upon individuals who can step up and become leaders”.

The Chief Convener of Dharohar, Mrs. Neeta Sharma informed that fest would continue for another two days, and predicts and overwhelming participation by students from various colleges of Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh Regions.

The first day at Dharohar concluded with a vote of thanks to the Chief Guests, Guests, Dignitaries and the Board of Management, for sparing their valuable time and gracing the function with their presence by Convener of the Fest, Dr. Anuj Kumar Sharma.


Student speaks

  • "It was an overwhelming experience, I still miss the moments I spent at Quantum. I wanna study once more in quantum."

    Gursimran Singh
    Design Engineer
    NICT Chandigarh
  • "My experience cannot be described in two lines. It will be covered at least in a book. It was so life changing, both personally and professionally."

    Nimit Kumar
    Lieutenant, Indian Army
  • "Nice experience, awesome learning and well maintained discipline."

    Prakash C Joshi
    Programmer Analyst
    Cognizant Technology Solutions
  • "Being at Quantum was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I learnt a lot of new things to grow my career."

    Partyush Goyal
    Esperto Technologies
  • "Quantum has not only given me education but also helped me to build my personality which help me to shape my career."

    Ankur Kumar Sharowha
    Analyst & Troubleshooter
    Casagrande India
  • "Well, what I learnt at Quantum is hard work & knowledge never go waste, you can achieve your goals easily if you have determination and confidence."

    Silky Goel
    MTech (IIIT Bhubaneswar)
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