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EDGE 2012 in full flame organized at Quantum global Campus


The most promising college of North India, Quantum Global Campus Roorkee, celebrated the colour of various events in the techno-cultural fest- “Dharohar-2012”. Among those the most distinguished event was EDGE.

EDGE (Engineers Do a great Expo)-2012

  • Car Race: Participants of ME Branch were presented with the motorized kit who organized this event and potrayed their imaginative skills and extreme diligence by making extraordinary cars.This particular car race was organized in front of the main gate.Shubham, Harit and Tarun of Mechanical Engineering 1st Year ranked the top position while Gambhir, Amit and Askar of Electronics Engineering stood Runners-up.

  • Roadies 2.0 : The participants of this event demonstrated their  physical and mental capabilities by exibhiting several dare devil events! It was indeed a great manifestation of vitality and physical strength! It was a great experience altogether to see the enthusiasm and vigour of the students! It was a dare devil fight for the title of Tavankpamme during the entire event.Ankit Tomar of Mechanical Engineering 3rd Year stood 1st in this event and Tushaar of IT 1st Year stood runner-up of the event.

  • Chart and Slide Show: This magnificent event was organized by ECE Branch in which students pottered their creative skills and talent through chart and slide show. Various interesting topics were undertaken by the students such as Microprocessors, Basic Circuits, etc on which charts and slides were made. In the competition of Slide Show Abhilaasha of ECE 2nd Year stood 1st and 2nd rank was secured by the group of Sunita, Abhishek and Sulabh. Whereas in the event of Chart Show, Priyanka and Poonam of ECE stood 1st and Princy Goel along with Rashmi of Computer Science and Engineering stood runner-up.


  • Lan Gaming: This event was organized by Computer Science and Engineering and was open for other branches as well to participate.This event was a platform where students can show their gaming skills and win maximum prizes.The winner of this event was Mayur, Bhaanu Pratap and Ankush  of IT 4th year whereas Abhishek and Mohit of Computer Science and Enginnering  4th year ranked second position.


  • Software Project Competition/ Show Your Skills in Programming: In this event Computer Science Branch exibhited several software related projects and showed their programming skills. In this event Srishti Ahuja, Kapil and Nishant  of Computer Science and Engineering of 4th Year secured the 1st Position whereas 2nd rank was bagged by Naageshwar and Anshu Bhutani of IT 4th Year. In programming Archit Goyal of IT 4th year bagged the 1st position and Kapil Pahwa of Computer Science Engineering 2nd Year scored the 2nd rank.                                                                                                                                                                                   

Student speaks

  • "It was an overwhelming experience, I still miss the moments I spent at Quantum. I wanna study once more in quantum."

    Gursimran Singh
    Design Engineer
    NICT Chandigarh
  • "My experience cannot be described in two lines. It will be covered at least in a book. It was so life changing, both personally and professionally."

    Nimit Kumar
    Lieutenant, Indian Army
  • "Nice experience, awesome learning and well maintained discipline."

    Prakash C Joshi
    Programmer Analyst
    Cognizant Technology Solutions
  • "Being at Quantum was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I learnt a lot of new things to grow my career."

    Partyush Goyal
    Esperto Technologies
  • "Quantum has not only given me education but also helped me to build my personality which help me to shape my career."

    Ankur Kumar Sharowha
    Analyst & Troubleshooter
    Casagrande India
  • "Well, what I learnt at Quantum is hard work & knowledge never go waste, you can achieve your goals easily if you have determination and confidence."

    Silky Goel
    MTech (IIIT Bhubaneswar)
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