Teaching –Learning Process and Collaborative Programmes abroad

Speaker: Dr. Vijendra K. Agarwal

Dean, College of Science, Engineering and Technology

Minnesota State University , USA 

Quantum Global Campus is renowned for upgrading the knowledge of its students and faculty through learned guest lectures. The recent in this chain was the lecture delivered by Dr. Vijendra K. Agarw, Dean-College of Science, Engineering and Technology, Minnesota State University, Mankato, M.N 56001.

Dr. Agarwal apprised about its teaching and learning process of his university and offered a 2+2 opportunity to B.Tech Q-mates i.e. after completion of second year at Quantum they can move to Minnesota State University for earning the B.Tech degree.As his arrival in Quantum, Dr. Agarwal was warmly greeted by the Director General Prof. Dr. S.C. Handa, who later introduced him to the faculty and students in the seminar hall.

Dr. Agarwal introduced Minnesota State University of the USA, by telling that the college houses 10 academic departments in STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)disciplines.He was glad to offer a 2+2 program of his university, where it offers a blended Mechanical/Electrical general Engineering degree in a project based learning environment to the students who have completed the first two year at an institution in India.

He started his lecture by giving a teaching learning process of his university which focus on such interesting questions as

  • What is critical? Teaching or learning.
  • How do we teach?
  • How do we learn?
  • Do students need to know everything?

He discussed these questions in a very interesting manner. Then he displayed survey on education and research between china and US, that emphasized how china is advancing in research and innovation in comparison to US.In addition to this he discussed the problem pertaining to undergraduate retentions in STEM and suggested these measures to overcome this problem.

  • First year seminars (critical topics)
  • Learning communities (group discussion)
  • Service learning (community based)
  • Capstone experience (project Based)
  • Undergraduate research (UR)

He told the reason of choosing only Quantum Global Campus was its category of Master’s granting pragmatic approach of teaching and learning process which is highly beneficial to the students. Becouse of this today QUANTUM among top engineering colleges in Uttarakhand, India

At last he proposed 2+2 collaboration plan in B.Tech with initial 2 years undergraduate course in Quantum Global Campus and remaining 2 years in Minnesota State University. He also informed that a 50% concession in tuition fee will be granted to such students i.e. 7500$ in place of 15000$.

In the end, the Director General Prof. Dr. S.C. Handa thanked Dr. Agarwal greatly and assured him that Quantum will avail the 2+2 offer delightfully.

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