Students of CS/IT department of Quantum Obliterate All Challenges, Shine with the brilliance of a Thousand Suns

Quantum School of Technology, Roorkee invited Zven Technologies Private Ltd.  based in Noida, to conduct a placement drive for CS/IT students. The selection team consisted of the Managing Director and two HR people who were well pleased with the congenial atmosphere and unmatched professionalism of the Placement Cell. The placement was conducted for B. Tech students. 



Student of Top Engineering Colleges in Uttarakhand did not spare any effort in convincing the recruiters of not only their coding skills, but also their holistic approach to programming and software design methodologies. The recruiters were very impressed with the students.

With a package of Rs3,25,000 annual offered, student’s hearts swell with the warmth of  accomplishment and pride for a job well done.

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