Student Exchange Program Concludes Successfully at Quantum

Student Exchange Program Concludes Successfully at Quantum

In alignment with its vision of providing lifelong learning to its students and nurturing  responsible world citizens, Uttarakhand’s leading B-School, Quantum School of Business has been at the forefront of spearheading outstanding student exchange programs, partnering with some of the finest institutes in India and abroad. And in the latest of these, Quantum concluded recently a hugely successful two-way exchange project with the reputed ICBM School of Business, Hyderabad. Spread over a period of four months, the activity fostered a transformational positive assimilation of experiences and erudition among students of the two institutes.


Teaming up with an enriching group of host students, these young emerging scholars gained knowledge and leadership skills to accomplish self actualization and to become more engaged in their communities.  Engaging in experiential activities, discussions, site visits, training modules and professional lectures, participants bagged opportunities to strengthen their understanding while exploring facets unique to each student’s ethnicity and personality.


This month, it was a thrilling experience for students of Quantum School of Business to spend a week at ICBM, for most it being their first visit to the vibrant State of Andhra Pradesh. With its distinct vibrant culture the city of Hyderabad delighted the group from Roorkee even as the high level of peer interaction at ICBM’s campus provided a rare learning experience to the youth. Hosted warmly by the institute, the exchange project team received exclusive specially designed workshops by senior academicians in association with industry experts on a remarkable range of management and behavioural skills. Negotiation, time management, handling stress, value analysis, innovation, culture and case studies of high performance organizations formed a part of the impressive repertoire of the key learning areas of Quantum’s students. There were also sessions on advertising that exposed students to the field of advertising in the closest possible real time environment. Novel concepts like evolution of Guerilla Marketing and its application in current markets; meaning and characteristic of being a bulletproof manager, innovation and creativity- partnership for 21st century skills provided gainful avant-garde management insights to the participants. Adding to the fun was a comprehensive sight-seeing tour of the city wherein the young boys and girls gained an understanding of the places’ rich historical legacy during their visits to the many heritage monuments in and around Hyderabad.


Another highlight of the developmental program was an industry visit to South African Breweries Sab Miller’s Brewery at Hyderabad. The factory is rated as No.1 in the production of Beer in Asia brewing popular. The site visit taught students significant hands-on insights into the company’s automation and strict quality control as its Key Success Factors. In what is noteworthy, the students of Quantum received widespread recognition during the project for their high caliber and  character, winning several awards. A premier center of professional education, Quantum School of Business is Indias’ top rated B-School attracting talent from across India and neighboring countries. The college, a sprawling campus built in the picturesque educational hub of Roorkee, is promoted by an internationally operating corporate house.


As shared by Shobhit Goyal, Vice Chairman, Quantum School of Business, “Our mission is to provide contextual learning that hones students as thinking professionals capable of anticipating and meeting challenges of tomorrow’s corporate leaders. Quantum is founded on the philosophy that the mind is not a chalice to be filled but a fire to be ignited.”


And clearly, this exchange program has impacted its students in ways that will stay with them for life.


The program had kick-started in November last year, with Quantum School of Business having received a group of around 30 students from ICBM at their campus in Roorkee. A crucial component of this tour was an intensive field visit to Barpur, a remote undeveloped village in Garhwal, that exposed students to the grim realities of rural distress in India and put heads together to devise key development interventions. Displaying a strong grasp on widespread grassroots problems crippling majority of villages in the region, these young emerging leaders from ICBM and Quantum were disquieted by the appalling lack of even the most basic vital services like healthcare, education and livelihood. In interactions, the participating students highlighted that public medical infrastructure was virtually non-existent in the poor village and private clinics were a far cry. The other key findings of the exchange students included that Barpur was also devoid of road connectivity, irrigation and potable water supply and livelihood opportunities. The students expressed concern that lack of employment has caused alarming migration of natives outside the village, leaving the place deserted.


It was heartening to watch the young management students demonstrate genuine empathy with the troubled villagers and come up with innovative ideas for their amelioration. In the weeklong activity, day -long arduous visits were followed by stimulating intellectual brainstorming back at Quantum’s campus, on ways to change the fate of the country. After several rounds of discussions and debate, students of Quantum and ICBM invented a unique three-pronged development model that has the promise to be replicated across the country.


In a show of high levels of intelligence, analysis and inventiveness, these participants charted a blueprint of exploiting rural tourism, alternative energy sources and SHGs to change the face of ill-equipped villages. Perfectly synced with this serious activity were a spectrum of outbound adventure training activities that made the exchange visit an unforgettable memory for the participants. As they embarked on an entire spectrum of high energy activities and games they got a taste of the idyllic natural beauty of Uttarakhand while enhancing individual and team identities. From rock climbing, rappelling, white water river rafting to enjoying tournaments of beach volley ball and swimming in the Ganga, the students had the time of their lives. And along this fun trip they imbibed crucial skills of teamwork, communication, leadership, time management, problem solving, decision making, motivation, change management and personality development. For many the experiences proved to be life-changing moments of learning to overcome fear and gain self- confidence.


As stated by an exchange student “The most important thing to remember is to keep an open mind and never pass an opportunity when something comes up. A major value addition of the project was to teach us to come out of our shells and excel in new environments outside of our comfort zones. Our world has expanded significantly.”


The positive outcomes of the unique Quantum –ICBM student exchange program for the participants and the society were remarkable. During their stay, the students accrued heightened capabilities of communicating and cooperating with others while playing an active role in their community. With their different cultural backgrounds, the youth also gained by being active creators of knowledge. As shared by the participating students, the exchange resulted in notable improvement among them at both personal and professional levels. While imbibing humanistic values, the students reported increased self confidence and improved cognitive abilities. At a larger public level, involvement with local communities gave the students a push towards active community engagement.


On the whole, the alliance between Quantum and ICBM turned into an immensely beneficial enterprise passing on crucial skills and know-how to the participating students. Building on the results of the program, action is currently in full swing at Quantum as the B-School gears for a range of cooperative human capital building initiatives in the offing. As once again reinforced by the success of this student exchange, Quantum has emerged as a centre of excellence in learning with its seamless mélange of academics and globally demonstrated extracurricular programs.


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