Scholarship Program for Meritorious students at Quantum

What better way to impact the world than to impact the life of a young person preparing to enter it?

There are many worthy causes to support. Few, however, have the far-reaching effect of a transformed mind, heart and soul. Quantum Global Campus provides a distinctive education – one that produces graduates with not only knowledge, but wisdom; not only confidence, but compassion; and who are not only leaders, but employees. Today more than ever, our world needs people seeking to do important work in the global community, whether called to the corporate boardroom, hospital operating room or mission field classroom. And increasingly, those students need financial assistance to reach their goals.

Incredible Scholarships Given By Top Engineering Colleges  in Dehradun– “Quantum Global Campus”

In affirmation of its objective to reward excellence and make quality higher education accessible, Quantum Global Campus is helping an increasing number of deserving people pursue coveted courses at Quantum School of Business and Quantum School of Technology. Since 2008, founders of Quantum have been extending financial assistance to commendable men and women seeking admission to its undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The financial aid is offered to high caliber individuals with academic merit in class 10th and 12th Board Examination who secure admission in the institute’s M.Tech, B.Tech, MBA, BBA and Diploma in engineering programs. Keeping education accessible and affordable means making sure every one of our students can earn their degree with as little debt as possible. One way we set our students up for success is by maintaining reasonable tuition rates and providing scholarships that enable students to owe less after they graduate.

colleges in dehradun In the last five years, the institutions have given financial assistance to meritorious students to the tune of INR 27 lakhs assisting more than 300 students till date.  Individuals who achieve at least 75% in class 12th exam are eligible to apply for Quantum Scholarships that range from INR 10,000 to INR 30,000 per student. Quantum also endows financial grants upon meritorious science students seeking admission in diploma programs on the basis of class 10th Board Examination performance. According to Shobhit Goyal, Vice Chairman, Quantum Global Campus, Roorkee, “Our scholarships are intended as motivators to promote a culture of merit and assist students with financial needs to benefit from the first-rate educational opportunities at Quantum.” The scholarships are bestowed every year during the annual function ‘Dharohar’ of Quantum Global Campus by the founder president Mr. Shyam Sunder Goyal.

Built on a modern sprawling campus in the popular educational hub of Roorkee, Quantum occupies a top place among the country’s higher education institutes. Its colleges of management and technology are promoted by an international corporate house and have won strong industry endorsements. With its consistently high rankings on leading educational surveys, Quantum Global Campus has emerged as India’s talent magnet, drawing an expanding pool of diverse and proficient young learners from India and abroad.

Also, the tag of ‘high prestige’ is directly linked to an award of scholarship as scholarships are being awarded to students who hold a proven track record of a brilliant score and excellence in their respective fields.  Going beyond academic excellence, Quantum Scholars are expected to contribute significantly to the community. at Quantum Global Campus and to grow as committed global leaders who make a positive change to society after they graduate.

Quantum Global Campus strives at making committed global leaders who make a positive change to society after they graduate from the campus.


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