Quantum holds Blood Donation Camp-3

Quantum Holds Blood Donation Camp-3

Quantum Global Campus, Roorkee organized a one-day long blood donation camp in the college premises in association with Himalayan Institute Hospital, Jolly Grant, Dehradun.

The camp was inaugurated by the Secretary of the campus, Mr. Shobhit Goyal, the Director General, Dr. S.C.Handa along with other dignitaries, and drew a huge response from students and faculty-members alike, with the camp witnessing over 1000 enthusiasts from the varsity coming forward for blood donation.

The donors, who felt honored to link themselves with such a noble cause, went through a series of medical checkups before donating blood and were rewarded for their participation with a certificate of appreciation and refreshment.

The medical counselor, Miss Swati said that an adult human body contains 5 to 6 liters of blood that behaves both as a fluid and as a tissue. It is a biochemical miracle that not only nourishes the body but also acts as a medium for the immune system to perform its protective functions. It was discovered about two hundred years ago that human blood differs from individual to individual due to the presence of distinctive proteins; it was also found that blood can be transfused between individuals with matching blood groups.  Since then blood donations have saved millions of lives, not only during surgical procedures but also by acting as a source of antibodies, anti-cancer factors (which help in treating leukemia and bone marrow cancer) and serums that help in the detection of rare blood and auto-immune disorders.

The ancient Aztecs of South America believed that human blood was the most precious substance in the universe and that to give one’s blood was among the noblest acts a person could perform. Today we believe the same for a different reason, human blood can now be stored for long periods while still remaining biologically viable, with rare blood types such A- and O- is short supply, blood banks often play a life or death role in the survival of patients.

Girls and boys displayed equal participation in the camp and left no stone unturned to bring laurels to this campaign. Doctors thanked the blood donors for their precious contribution to this noble cause and said “donating some units of blood, may save someone’s life without causing any medical any problems for a donor. In fact, it refreshes our system by signaling the bone marrow to replenish the blood loss, resulting in production of new blood cells.”

The chairman of the campus, Shri Ajay Goyal ji particularly appreciated the efforts poured into this initiative by “Pehal- Ek Nanha Kadam” the social club of the college, who is always open to support needy, poor people and other ignored sections of our society.  Specifically the contributions made  by Neeraj Panwar, convener of the club, Manavi, girl- convener and other supporting members  Shivani Saini, Dhruv Joshi, Anshu, Himanshu Saini and others,  for giving the college an opportunity to be a part of such a noble cause. He further added that the college has been conducting such events yearly with the desire to inculcate a sense of responsibility towards the society among students.

Around 300 units of blood were collected with the help of a team of doctors including Dr. Swati Sharma, Dr. Sneha singh, Dr. Vishaka Behel, Mr. Gaurav (PRO), Miss Swati (Counselor)and staff of the hospital.

In continuation with the blood donation camp, the faculty and staff members of the college named Mukesh Pushkarna , Vinay Devrani, Shikha Singh, Mitender Arya, Vipin Dhiman, Abhishek Mittal, Neeta Bhushal, Priya Saini, Prashant Bhadhula and others also participated by donating blood in order to boost the morale of the students.

The Director General of the campus, Dr.S.C.Handa said “Donate blood, save lives and automatically positive values will be shared and it is good to see the adolescents coming forward for the cause of humanity.”

In addition to this, he said, “this camp is a matter of bliss and pride for us. We will definitely keep on organizing blood donation camps once every year. The fact that the medical team had not expected such an overwhelming response from the students and that they ran short of blood collection bags was in itself a welcome surprise for them.  As a result many enthusiasts kept on waiting in a long queue to contribute blood for a national cause, which is a testament to the character of our students and the success that the faculty has achieved in inculcating positive values such as self-sacrifice, altruism and social responsibility into the students. We hope that the students shall continue to aspire to ever higher peaks of excellence in the sphere of public service and inspire their juniors with their shining example, the brilliance of their character exceeds that of a thousand suns.”

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