MOU of Quantum with Emson Gears Ltd. of Ludhiana

Quantum School of Technology has signed a memorandum of understanding with Emson Gears Ltd. of Ludhiana in Punjab.Emson Gears has agreed to help Quantum in various areas. First of all, it will absorb the students of the Quantum by giving them placements in their company. Secondly, the highly placed officials of the company will arrange seminars and lectures on career opportunities for the students and lastly the faculty of Quantum will go to Emson Gears in Ludhiana to receive training in the factory at floor level. In order to become fully aware of the requirements of the industry, this training will be fruitful in teaching in the classroom from student employability viewpoint.

Recently, Dr. Gurvinder Singh, Head-HR of Emson Gear Ltd. conducted a placement derive on Quantum Global Campus and selected 5 students for his company which includes Ankita, Ankush Kumar, AnkitRathi, Karan Saxena and Lalit Kumar from Mechanical Engineering branch.Emson Group is manufacturing precision auto components for renowned OEMs of Cars, MUV, LCV, MCV, HCV and tractors. Started in 1970, the group has now a workforce of 2500 persons consisting of professionals, engineers, technocrats and highly skilled workmen.The company is also expanding its horizons by venturing into auto sub assemblies including complete axle shaft assembly, transmission gearboxes and synchro assembly.  The company currently manufactures transmission gears, straight bevel gears, crown wheel and pinion sets& rear axle shafts. The company believes in employing contemporary technologies and maintaining a high performance work culture with honesty, integrity, innovation, creativity and customer transparency. The company also is involved in corporate social responsibility and undertakes several projects for environmental management and welfare of the society.

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