The much awaited literary fest of Quantum Global Campus, Roorkee, finally unveiled its competitive multiple events under the grand finale of “Literary Fest-2014”, spread all over the premises with lots of enthusiasts. The ‘Kavi Sammelan’ in Quantum Global Campus, Roorkee aims to revive the magic of contemporary poetry by bringing the best poets of the country on its stage. The Chairman Shri Ajay Goyal Ji, felicitated all the invited Poets, Guests and other Dignitaries. He said that words of a poet have an enormous power, and when they come from great poets like Prof. Krishna Kumar from Birmingham, UK, Dr. Budhinath Mishra, Shri Ram Kishore Tiwari , Sh. Dev Mani Pandey, Sh. Surendra Sukumar, Dr. Madhu Shukla and Sh. Salim Shivalvi from all walks of the country, the magnitude and resplendence of these words, tend to achieve enormous heights”.

On the arrival of very Special Poets, Dignitaries, Guests and External Judges for the various events under the Fest, the students of the Campus gave a huge round of applause and a hearty welcome with flowers for gracing the occasion.

The Chairman of the campus, Shri Ajay Goyal Ji honored them with bouquets and offered them mementos. Eminent Literary figure, Prof. Krishna Kumar was awarded with “Quantum Sahitya- Gaurav Samman” & a very special memento by The founder President, Shri Shyam Sunder Goyal Ji.

The Board of Governors, Shri Shyam Sunder Goyal Ji, Shri Shyam Lal Garg Ji, Shri Anil Goyal Ji, Shri Ajay Goyal Ji, Shree Parveen Garg Ji, Shri Shobhit Goyal Ji, Shri Shanky Garg Ji, Renowned invited Poets along with high officials of the campus inaugurated the program by lighting the lamp at the idol of the Goddess Saraswati. On this very auspicious occasion, the students performed “Nirtya” accompanied with the Goddess Saraswati Vandana that mesmerized everyone sitting over there.

Prof. Krishna Kumar expressed his gratitude for inviting him to such an elite “Kavi Sammelan” and awarding him “Quantum Sahitya Gaurav Samman”. He further added that art is an expression of life forms of truth and beauty and literature unfolds both the reality and mystery of the world. He also said that literature is the crux of civilizations, of cultures and people.

Mrs. Neeta Sharma, Convener of the literary fest gave an outline of the theme and informed about a total of five Inter- Departmental different events including Mega “Kavi Sammelan”, accompanied by seven renowned poets from all the cities. She further declared the proceedings by telling the rules and regulations of the competitions to all the participants of various branches.

The glittering evening gave a magical impression to the gathering. The poets recited melodious poems along with “Shero Sayari” & Laughter that won the hearts of the present, their stunning and untiring performance rejuvenated everyone and reminded the youngsters of our Nation’s culture, values & tradition that have kept the Civilization of our country intact till now. Dr. Buddinath Mishra, The President of the Kavi Sammelan recited many of his poems rhythmically and got appreciation from the audience. Shri Ram Kishore Tiwari, conducted the Kavi Sammelan very nicely and his poetic comments were applauded greatly. His famous patriotic poems like Bhagat Singh and Maharana Pratap fired the heart of the students with enthusiasm and love for the nation. The poets praised the efforts, achievements and warm-heartedness of Quantum Family, delightfully. Many Honorable Guests from the region enjoyed the “Kavi Sammelan” alike.

The culmination of literary fest was supported by many back to back competitive events for the students such as Prof. Rajneesh Kumar’s memorial Debate, Dancing verses poetry, Extempore, Mobile Documentary & Movie Making Competition and Literary Quiz. The whole event was interesting and enlightening. Some of the challenging parts of the competition were Debate and Movie making documentary, where every team gave a stiff competition to one another and got cheers for their presence of mind and creativity. In addition to this students got a chance to bring out their hidden talents by participating in Poetry, Extempore and also presented unique collection of poems with amazing expressions.

The speakers spoke extremely well and passionately on the debate topics like, who should be punished more severely? Bribe giver or receiver, Teachers should be banned to interact with students on social networking sites, etc. Presence of mind, even in diverse conditions is nicely presented through a literary Quiz. The Judges appreciated their excellent and deep knowledge on the thought provoking and stimulating topics that impressed the whole audience. Judges found candidates equally competitive; their mind blowing performance compelled the judges to have panel discussion to reach the final judgment. Judges congratulated the winners and shared a few golden tips to face competition with their inspiring words.

The Founder President Shri Shyam Sundar Goyal Ji stated that “Quantum Global Campus is committed to impart quality education to future technocrats and managers, to groom them in a holistic manner to achieve the vision and mission of their lives”. He also assured that in addition to academic programs these types of competitions and cultural activities make the students highly confident and competitive to face the further competitions in their career too. These co-curricular activities add many skills to the existing skills of students such as multiskills, leadership, social and public speaking skills.

At the prizes distribution ceremony, the college officials and invited Judges distributed the prizes and the trophies along with certificates to the winners of the various events. Winners of various events were:

Khusro Kamaluddin, Ashish Gusain, Gargi Haldar and Vikram from ME Department in the Extempore Competition, Arslan and Alvi Team from ME Department in Dancing V/s Poetry, Ashish Tripathi from ME Department in Debate Competition, Ankit Lavkush and Gargi Haldar from ME Department in Literary Quiz , Harshi Goyal, Aakriti Arora, Hemanshu Singh, Anurag, Aditya Tyagi, Kamal Beniwal, Kunal Sehgal and Gunpreet Kaur from CSE Department in Mobile Documentary & Movie Making. The ME Department got the overall winner Trophy.

Towards the end of the program The Secretary of the campus, Mr. Shobhit Goyal proposed a vote of thanks to all the dignitaries, management, organizers and all those who contributed to the program for sparing their precious time from their tight schedules with their blessings for the bright future of the students. The program came to an end with the traditional “Kulgeet” presented by the students.

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