Jobs for students at Quantum Campus

Quantum Global Campus, Roorkee holds its own individuality in improving the state of every individual candidate and has always set an excellent example for the remaining academic institutions in providing excellent carrer opportunities to their students.


On the above mentioned grounds a team of Sr. Executive HR’s and director of Housing. com private limited of Delhi approached our campus on 8th Feb.2014 to select a suitable dream candidate for the post of customer service executive. After several rounds of interview 2 candidates were selected from MBA final year for the above required post with complete satisfaction providing them the salary package of Rs. 1,68,000 Lakh per annum each.


The management and the Director general were very much proud of their students’ selection and congratulated them for their future prospective.

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Training and Development Head, Rtd. Col. B.S Rawal advocated the students to make most of the opportunity.


The Secretary of the campus, Mr. Shobhit Goyal, expressed satisfaction and laid particular emphasis on facing interview and overall personality development that lead to the heights of success.

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