Guest Lecture on ‘Present day scenario of teachers to cope up with student’

Guest Lecture
Guest Lecture

Venue         :        Seminar Hall-I

(Technology Wing)

Date           :        18.09.2013

Time           :        11:00 AM

A guest lecture was organized for the faculty members which was delivered by Mr. Subhasini Sainadh. Director General Dr. S. C Handa introduced Mr. Subhasini Sainadh and he was felicitated by Dean Academics Mr. M. S Gupta.


The lecture was based on the issue “Present day scenario of teachers to cope up with students.” He started with a famous quotation by Aristotle  – “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” The lecture was an interactive session between the faculty members and students. The first question Mr. Subhasini Sainadh asked was “What is Education?”, to which Mr. S.K. Pundir replied “Manifestation of perfection.” His answer was appreciated by all. Reverand guest also added to his answer that end of education is not wisdom or knowledge but one’s character.


The key points of his lecture were:-

  1. Society is polluted with latest developments of science (Internet, mobile phones, etc.) which makes it difficult for the teachers to bring awareness to the students. Students invest most of their times in these things and hence find no time to interact with teachers.
  2. One- on- one basis of teaching of gurukuls has reduced to e- communication, making the gulf of communication between teachers and students wider. In new scenario, the teacher-student ratio is 1:40-60 at a time which makes it impossible for the teacher to pay personal attention to each student.
  3. More interactive syllabus will result in improved relationships between teacher and students. Today mentors should also learn from students and the learning process must be two way. They should be friendly but not cross a line of respect they command.
  4. Education has become commercialized. Now-a-days teachers lack passion and economic factor has over powered the pious profession of teaching. The motive of teaching should be value based education.
  5. The major principles to be followed to achieve perfection in teaching are :-
  • Impress by body language and dress.
  • Influence by nature and attitude.
  • Inform by knowledge.

A good teacher should be a blend of friend, philosopher and guide.


  1. The relationship of a teacher with the student should be a parent- child relationship. A student should not be judged by his IQ but by his EQ as they have different family backgrounds and scope of growth.


Mr. Subhasini Sainadh also informed about a project he conducted in IIT Chennai campus to evaluate student- teacher interaction. The objective was to improve teacher- student relationship. The project was based on questioning and surveys for students and teachers covering different aspects.


The outcomes of the project were:

  • A good student- teacher relationship will not only result in success of a student but also job- satisfaction of the teacher.
  • Increase in depression among students due to drinking, use of drugs and suicidal thoughts can be reduced by a good teacher guiding them and helping them.


Reasons for a bad student – teacher relationship are :-

  • Hectic schedule for both students and teachers.
  • Class strength has increased highly making it difficult to give individual attention to students.
  • Attendance and bookish knowledge are the main reasons for attending classes.
  • According to students, they could build more personal relationship with their school teachers rather than college teachers.
  • Casual attitude of students towards studies and increased indulgence in mobile, internet, chatting, etc.


Some possible ways to improve it are:-

  • If students are encouraged to do physical exercise and participate in extra- curricular activities, it will increase their mental strength.
  • Reduce time for mobile, internet.
  • Changed attitude towards studies.
  • Reduced vacation time.
  • Self- evaluation of both teachers and students.
  • Teachers should be impartial toward all students and aim at their overall personality development.


Mr. Subhasini Sainadh concluded by saying that planning, preparation, presentation and perfection are the 4P’s which should be implemented by every teacher to achieve perfection. Acceptance, admitting and admiration are the 3 A’s that will boost up energy levels of a teacher.


In the end, an interactive session was done for the students and faculty if they wanted to discuss any problems and their solutions.


Submitted by:

Faculty – Ayushi Jain

Deptt. of Applied Sciences & Humanities


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