Guest Lecture on – Planning for future

Speaker: Mr. Aman Joshi

Quantum Global campus is repeatedly name as best engineering colleges in Uttarakhand,  renowned for upgrading the knowledge of its students and faculty through learned guest lectures. The recent in this chain was the lecture delivered by Mr. Aman Joshi.

Mr. Joshi delivered his lecture on“planning for future”. As his arrival in Quantum , Mr. Joshi  was warmly greeted by the Director General Prof. Dr. S.C. Handa , who later introduced him to the faculty and students in the seminar hall.

Mr. Joshi started his lecture by giving a quote:“You can’t live a positive life with a negative mind.” He introduced 2-P(P-planning and P-Present, which would be same). He asked such interesting questions as

  • How many people are doing the same job which they wanted to do?
  • Are you satisfied with what you had planned for yourself?
  • Who can think most better about you?

He discussed these questions in a very interesting manner and got the answers by audience. On the basis of answers given by students he concludes that only 2-3% people are doing the same job and they are satisfied. Then he discussed the reason and he suggested these to get benefits for future planning.

  • The main thing is keeping the main thing.
  • Trust yourself.
  • Time management.
  • Target your targets.
  • It’s never a question of “can you”, but “will you?”.
  • Stop asking” why am I still stuck in this situation?”.
  • Ask: “what do I need to learn from this situation?”.

In the end, the Director General Prof. Dr. S.C. Handa thanked Mr. Aman Joshi.

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