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“Petroleum Engineering” Commences At Quantum Global Campus

Petroleum Engineering is noticeably the fastest growing sector all over the world which marks its great demad in today’s market.So Quantum Global Campus is leaving no stone unturned in providing the bestest of opportunities to its students in making the best of their career.Hence,2015 will mark the commencement “PETROLEUM ENGINEERING” as a branch at Quantum Global Campus.

Petroleum engineering at Quantum is the strand of engineering concerned with the extraction, production and management of oil and gas from natural environments. Studying in this field will give the technical and theological skills required to operate heavy machinery, manage computer systems and discover new sources of energy.

In 50 years, global energy consumption will go up by 50%. Until we find sustainable fuel, one of the major challenges of the oil industry is to find new oil. To find oil, we need to have machines like super computers and hi-tech imaging systems, not to mention, competent people. There is a paucity of talent both at the upstream (oil and gas exploration) and downstream (refining) levels.So,QuantumGlobal Campus is bend upon to to prepare those Engineers who can stand upon the requirement.

According to a study, the energy industry will need 6,180 trained geoscientists for exploration operations alone in the next five years. The shortfall will be about 2,844 geoscientists. Add to this, the overall gap between availability and requirement of 36,000 trained manpower by 2019. There is an acute shortage of professionals like geoscience experts, drillers and project managers.

The opening up of the Indian petroleum sector to private players, dismantling of price controls and the spiralling fuel costs combined with increasing consumption of petroleum products has brought Petroleum Engineering in the forefront.

So,Quantum ensures to give its students a good exposure to a totally different culture and way of life.