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Admissions 2017

BSc Agriculture commences at Quantum

Another milestone being added by Quantum Global Campus in the field of Education.

The most demanding course in today’s market ie. BSc in AGRICULTURE finds its place at Quantum which is likely to commence from 2015 itself.

AGRICULTURE is one of the most engaging and vitally important industries of the 21st century.AGRICULTURE plays a very crucial role in the Indian economy. Useful degree programme is its multi-disciplinary approach to the subject, which combines the applied study of the natural and life sciences with economics and management. As a result of this, students will develop the skills and knowledge which they need to pursue a rewarding career in modern farming and its related industries.

Pursuing BSc in Agriculture make students aware of how to use biology and technology to optimise crop and animal production to meet economic targets and achieve environmental objectives. Furthermore, students will gain a comprehensive grounding in financial and business management to ensure that their practical knowledge is underpinned by sound commercial acumen. In a world where food security and the cost of food production are ever increasing concerns, they will find that the skills they develop will be in very high demand.

Quantum remarkably ensures in providing ‘hands-on training’ and 'learning by doing' to its students which helps in tying up all that has been learned into practical knowledge and to to make one job-ready.

Quantum ensures strong links with the employers who provide opportunities for gaining experience through visits, talks and placements.Degrees at Quantum have been designed with the needs of employers in mind, developing practical skills of relevance to the workplace and as such are rated particularly highly by employers.

The mix of natural and social sciences, transferable skills, quantitative analysis and regular experience of farming problems provides students with excellent employment prospects. Courses at Quantum are rated particularly high with respect to relevance to employers which remarkably ensures best career to its students and contribute in the making of economy of our Nation.

What is BSC Agriculture ?

The Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, usually abbreviated as either B.Sc.(Agr.) or B.S.A. or B.Sc.(Ag.) or B.Sc. (Hons.) Ag. is the first undergraduate degree awarded by university faculty of agriculture and agricultural colleges program is 4 years of study above Grade 12 High School graduation.

The B.Sc Agriculture degree differs from a B.Sc. degree in that the courses focus on agriculture: for example, the student will study agricultural economics rather than economics. Like engineering or forestry, agricultural science courses are infused with practicality.

The B.Sc.(Agr.) degree is normally not a general degree but requires specialization: for example, majoring in animal science, plant protection, soil science or agricultural engineering.